Friday, April 20, 2012

I might need my tubes tied again

Tonight we babysat our friend's four kids.  There were a total of 7 kids at our house and I thought Shane was going to go into a stress-induced coma.  Or maybe that was me.  We were both reassured that it was the smart thing to do to stop at 3 kids...I have no idea how families with 7 kids do it.  My eye started twitching 20 minutes in.  For real.

It probably didn't help that the kids were all so close in age.  We had a recently-turned-seven-year-old girl (who just knew she was the boss), a recently-turned-five-year-old boy (he and Kaden are in the same Primary class), our four and a half year old boy, our three year old daughter, a two and a half year old girl, an almost two year old boy (they're fostering him - in case you're keeping track of the months here), and our year and a half year old daughter.  WHEW!!  

So, 6 kids 5 and under, plus a bossy, but cute 7 year old.

It was so much fun!  
(I'm only being slightly sarcastic.)

I'm definitely going to get my tubes tied again - just to be safe.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time flying by

My friend, Kelly, had us watch her kids while she was taking some classes last month and while her kids were here one night, it dawned on me just how long we've known Kelly and her cute family.

Liz at our apartment at Alpine.  She fits perfectly!  haha

Kaden was a little over a year here and Liz was almost a year old.

Hugs!  They were both nearing 2 years old here.
They get along just great.  ;)  (They had both recently turned 3.)
She will always be Kaden's first kiss.  (They were both 3 years old) And I really cannot tell you enough just how happy I am that I just so happened to get this moment on my super slow camera.
I love his face after the kiss.  haha  "Whoa."  And Liz is like, "Awww yeah, I know I'm good."
Kaden and Liz a month ago.  Kaden is 4 1/2 and Liz is a little over 4.  *sniff*
 Since Kelly and I first started hanging out, we've added to the pack (I guess our hubbies helped, too):

Lexi ADORES Liz!
 And, luckily, all three of the older kids usually get along pretty well.

Best friends!
 And Kelly added Logan!
He wasn't so happy about his parents ditching him that night.  ;)
 And we all know how Ari added herself.  haha

I'm so excited for Kelly to add another little one to our growing brood in a couple short months!!

And on the "growing" note, I noticed the other day that Kaden isn't just tall, he's so gangly!
Knobby knees!  So cute!

My cute kiddos!

These girls sure love each other!  (And I love Ari's expression with Lexi's hand around her neck-HAHA)
 Speaking of my little miracle child, she's such a ham lately!

This is her "pretty" smile.
I'm so grateful for good friends!!  
Thanks, Kelly, for letting us be a part of your lives!

Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a great Easter weekend I hope you guys ladies reading this did, too.  ;)
There was a whole lot we got done and, as usual, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures.  haha  Here we go!

Thursday night we colored eggs.  I made sure Ari was happy because I don't trust her with eggs (hard boiled or not). 

Brownies make me happy!

Look at Kaden's face - he was having a mini-heart attack that Shane would dye an egg two different colors.  Apparently he thought the world would end.

Then he saw the result and was like, "Oh!  That's cool!"  And the world didn't end.  ;)

Lexi found some new bracelets.

They were supposed to go around the eggs, but Lexi knew they were meant for her.

Kaden with his eggs!

Lexi and her eggs!

A couple of Shane's eggs.  I don't know how he did the marbled effect, but he doesn't, either.  :)

Kaden wanted to take a picture of me and Lexi with the finished eggs.

So, of course, Lexi had to have a turn with the camera as well.  At least we're in the shot, right?  ;)

2/3 of my cute kiddos!
Friday night we went to Shane's parent's house for dinner and an egg hunt!

Yes, Ari only has one shoe on.  Don't ask me why-she has this thing lately about only wearing one shoe.

This cutie is Ryley, Shane's first niece on his family's side!  She is three months younger than Ari.

On top of the candy, the kids got baskets with toys, too!  They were in heaven!
We decided to have the Easter bunny visit us early (on Saturday) so that we could spend Sunday focusing on Christ and the story of the resurrection.  I'm really glad we did that and we'll continue that tradition.

The Easter bunny came!!!

Kaden loved his new Spiderman soccer ball and we all know Lexi loved her new ballet Belle.  ;)

Ari got a ballet Cinderella (which Lexi quickly claimed as her own), but only cared about the candy.  haha
The kids spent the morning eating their weight in candy and playing with their new toys, and then we headed to my dad's house for another egg hunt.

We've learned that if there is the slightest breeze outside, Ari will be shivering like she's in the Arctic within seconds, so, yes, it's 70 degrees and she's bundled up.  :)
We headed home and found out that when I say, "No more candy for today," Lexi thinks it's more of a suggestion than a rule.

We have 9:00 AM church, so Sunday morning we had the kids watch a couple of Living Scriptures movies while we got ready, and then dressed them up in their Easter clothes (dresses provided by Steph and Danny).  ;)

The girls LOVE their new dresses and I got Kaden a new shirt that he said was for "big" boys.  ;)
Ari randomly sat down, so Kaden and Lexi quickly dropped, too (without me telling them!) and, of course, then Ari stood up.  Cheeky.

My little princesses!

 Church was wonderful - our choir does an amazing job with the Easter Cantata.  When we got home, after lunch the girls went to bed and I talked to Kaden about the resurrection.  He explained it to me like this, "Jesus disappeared!"  haha  Well, kind of.  ;)

Sunday afternoon we headed to my mom's house for dinner and yet another Easter egg hunt.

The kids all lined up and ready to go!

Kaden was such a pro by this point.

Lexi on the left, then Gary (my bro-in-law) helping Taliyah, and McKayla is on the far right.

I love that Shane is pointing right at it and Ari is still like, "Where is it?!"

My older sister, Suzanna, with her youngest, Serenity (who is still learning to walk) and my other bro-in-law, Derek.
We had a great Easter weekend!

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