Monday, November 29, 2010

Sneaky cheeky monkey

Ok, I know I need to post on my surgery last week, but I'm waiting until I find the dang cord to my camera so y'all can see the pictures (no videos this time...sorry).

A couple of weeks ago, I was craving some rice krispy treats.  When I googled the recipe, one came up that said Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats.  HOLY. FREAKING. COW.  Yes, please!!  

I had some extra chocolate almond bark lying around that I really needed to use, so I thought, what the heck, let's cover this puppy in chocolate and see how it tastes.  
Chocolate + peanut butter = deliciousness

I made them and ate 3/4 of the pan by myself Shane and I finished the pan within hours.  Pigs....yeah, yeah, I know.  Sue me.  :)

Well, I cut it up in the pan and was waiting for the chocolate to harden a bit more.  I left the kitchen (first mistake) and went in the living room to feed Ari.  The kids were running around playing and I didn't think twice when I heard one of our kitchen chairs being dragged across the floor (second mistake).  All of a sudden, Lexi came into the living room like this:
(sorry for the blurry pics...the closest camera I had was my phone)

You know you love me.
 So, I figure at this point, what else can I do but laugh and let her finish it?  :)  I didn't want chocolate everywhere, though, so I strapped her in to her high chair and made sure she kept her bib on.

Like my mustache?  ;)
She made a HUGE mess and loved every choco-peanut buttery morsel. :)  

Isn't it fun to be a kid?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Because a drugged Loretta is a FUN Loretta

Remember way back to March 2009?  My Essure surgery was a "success" (*cough*) and this little angel joined us 7 weeks ago.

Well, we're trying AGAIN.  Seriously, if this doesn't work, I'm just going to forget it and have 10 kids.  I am NOT having the same procedure done (for those of you wondering) and I am crossing my fingers and legs that a tubal ligation will do better than Essure.
Even though Essure is supposed to be better than a tubal and even the new doctor doing my surgery tomorrow agreed with that.  Great.

I'm hoping for some more fun drugged videos to post, but Shane won't be able to see me until about 45 minutes after surgery, so I'm thinking I will be out of the anesthesia enough by that point to not say stupid things.  Maybe.

When Shane and I were talking about filming me again if he could, his one request was this,
"PLEASE don't start yelling "I'M STERILE" as loud as you can again, okay?"

No promises.  ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hearing problems

When Shane got home from work a couple of nights ago, Lexi went running up to him (as usual) to greet him with a big hug and sloppy kiss.  Kaden runs up to him, too, but skips the kissing part (Kaden reserves his kisses for me....).  ;)

Anyway, when Shane scooped Lexi up into his arms, he put her down really fast and let me know she had soaked through her diaper.  I was sitting on the couch feeding Ari, so I said, "Have fun with that."

No, going to a 9-5 job doesn't exempt you from helping out with your kids when you get home.  Sorry!
*not sorry at all....MY job is 24/7, so why should you get a break?* 

So, I told him (my EXACT words), "She needs new pants, so if you look in her closet, grab the pink pants that are on the hanger."

This is how she came back:
Look at her face: Mom, HELP!


I started laughing SO hard when Lexi walked in the room.  Shane followed her in and asked (completely serious) what was so funny.

Me: (Still laughing) "What happened to the pink pants in her closet?!  That is a diaper cover for one of her dresses and it was in her dresser drawer!"

Shane: "Oh. Um....I thought you said the pink shorts in her dresser!"

He was serious.

"At least I got the pink part right!"

Yeah, hon, good job listening.

Am I the only one who's husband has selective hearing?

Monday, November 15, 2010

This isn't a democracy

After I had Lexi, I pictured all of these future family meetings where issues would arise and Shane and I could handle them with a vote.  I knew he and I would always have the final say (on vacations...or whatever else came up) because chances are the vote would end in a tie: Kids-2...Parents-2.  Then, as the awesome mom, I would get to have the final say.  

Stop laughing.  I was serious.


Now I need a new plan to always win.  Dang.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 2010 pictures!

Well, I promised you the results from our pictures, so here ya go!  
I won't post all of them, but it might seem like it.  ;)  
(I put some in black and white...I was just playing around with Photoshop, but I really like how they turned out...)

This is the face Trisha got when we told Lexi to come away from the slide to do pictures.  lol

Kaden being cute.

Two out of three kids looking at the camera!  Woo!
We tried getting Shane with Kaden and Lexi, but of course Kaden was being a butt the minute the camera came out.
I LOVE this one.  I love the looks on both of their faces.  I love how Shane is higher up, helping Kaden and how symbolic that is.  I just love this one.  :D
Jumping off the little stone wall.  :)  Boys....
Me with the other man in my life.
Time for a slide break!
I love his smile!  And check out Lexi just chillin'...waiting for her turn.  :)   

Ari's face in this one is HILARIOUS!  I love her little expressions! 
Lexi's face in this one just cracks me up.  Ari's is pretty good, too.
Ok, Lexi was SO good at saying "cheese" until she saw the camera.  WHAT is with kids?!  (Once again-look at Ari's expression...HAHAHA)
Finally a group shot that I can live with.  Even if Ari is sticking out her tongue.  ;)  Cheeky monkey.
*sigh*  I love my gorgeous little girl.
Always sharing.  :)  She wanted me to smell the flower, too.
I know I already posted this one in the previous post, but I just love it.  :)
Awwww....Shane with his baby girls.
Trying to get them both smiling and staying posed.   Oh well...someday it will happen.
My sweet baby.
I never noticed how big her eyes are until I saw this picture.  :)
She's a month old now! 
Ari is so calm and did great with pictures.
Little bit of a smile coming.
I love my beautiful baby.
See the formula on her tongue?  She had just eaten.  Maybe that's why she was so content.  :)
Kaden pushing Lexi.
He loves pushing her....she loves to be pushed.  Win-win.  :)  (And an extra win because that means Shane and I don't have to push her!)


We did more family pictures!  
Yes, I'm obsessed.  :D 
I just really want my kids to be able to have pictures from when they were little.  The first pictures my parents have of me is when I was at least 2 or 3 and I hate not being able to see me as an adorable baby.  

Cause you know I totally was.  ;) 

Anyway, Shane's cousin, Trisha, did them for us again.  (She's AWESOME!)  I have only gotten one back, so here's just a little sample of the goodness that's a-comin'.

Lexi is SO stinkin' beautiful!  :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you like pretty pictures?

How about gorgeous ones?  

Yeah, me, too.

If you don't know my friend Mitzi, you're missing out.  :)  Not only is she SUPER fun, but also an absolutely amazing photographer. Seriously, I DARE you to go to her site and find one picture you don't fall madly in love with.  Mitzi is doing a GIVEAWAY for one of her temple pictures!  Go here:

to see her awesome shots.
Go here:

to enter the giveaway and see her brilliant work.  :)

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