Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family pics!

We had family pictures done back in September.  Are you ready for a pic overload?  :)
I'll try and keep the comments down to a minimum, but you know me...  haha
There were 229 to choose from, and y'all know how cute my kids are.

Our good friend (and the world's most amazing photographer), Livia, did these for us at a park in Syracuse.  Shane and I love candid shots, which she is great at getting (as you'll see).  Enjoy!

This was the best family shot we got.  At least everyone is looking at the camera!

The girls

We tried getting a shot of Shane with the kids, but Ari wasn't in a great mood that day.  haha

I love his expression!

This is the only one we could get with all three kids.  Poor little Ari.

I like that all the kids are looking away (at some ducks).
So, just a quick note about the pic above...Shane is super uncomfortable with any sort of PDA, so he would peck me and then pull away.  Livia started threatening him, "Shane, if I get a good shot of all the kids and you're not kissing your wife, I'm going to hurt you!"  hahahaha

It was a chilly morning, but these two did awesome.

LOVE the scenery on this.

After we were done taking pics, Lexi saw this puddle and couldn't resist.

Nap time!

To keep her hands off of her face, Livia gave Lexi a small rock to hold and told her that it was her "special, secret rock" and not to let anyone see it.  Lexi was so, so cute about it.  This is her "don't look at my rock!" face.


Little muscles!

Crazy momma
Ok, so at one point Livia had the kids run to us.  I didn't realize she got this shot of me, but if you ever wonder why Lexi is overly enthusiastic about everything, now you know who she got it from.


Before you see these next pics, I have to tell you the story behind it.  At one point Lexi was getting antsy and Livia let her use the camera clicker.  Livia said, "Now, when I tell you to click, we'll take a picture of your mommy doing a silly face, okay?"  Lexi said, "Okay!" and started clicking away....over and over and over.  Livia was like, "Oh, wait...okay...uh...hold on...alright..."  Lexi completely ignored her and just kept clicking.  I tried so hard to do a silly face, but I was DYING laughing.

Click, click, click, click...

Trying to be a "cute" didn't work.


My handsome men

Trying to be happy

Silly girl

I'm done!

I love, love, LOVE this one!

Another cute expression...
Checkin' the fish out

Kaden and Lexi were terrified of the ducks.  I protected them while Shane fed Ari to them.  haha

I love that they are best friends


Shane is so hot

My cuddle bug.

Isn't Livia AMAZING?!  I just love her to pieces!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh, I did it

We all know my poor Ari is oh so cute and oh so bald.

She's got some hair in back that I always play with, though, and this morning I decided to see if she'd let me pull it back.  mwahahahaha

Not too bad from the back...

Poor little baldy.

If you only saw the back, it's decent.  BUT from any other angle, it looks bad.  Nothing on top and then her little ponytail-ed mullet in back.  Awesome.  ;)

The good news is that she held relatively still (for a 12 month old) while I did her hair.  :D  So, in five years when she has enough hair on top for me to style, she'll be great at holding still!  hahahaha

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I haven't done a random post in a while, so here ya go:

When I was in high school, all of my friends were 1-2 years older than me (which sucked when they had all graduated and I was left ALL ALONE).  I was an extremely gullible sophomore (so 15 years old) taking driver's ed when some of my older guy-friends told me "If you want to impress your teacher when you go to the driving range, ask him if you can check the blinker fluid level to make sure there's enough." 

So, what did I say?

*giggle giggle*  "Okay!"

Long story short, I made a fool of myself and told my friends about it so that they could have a good laugh at my expense.  Just like I'm doing now.  ;)  Since I'm usually laughing along with people, I have no problem telling people what an idiot I am used to be.

So, fast forward a few months to when I had my driver's license.  My car was having issues so I asked my guy friends about it (like a moron).  They asked me some questions then said, "Sounds like a problem with your brake fluid.  When's the last time you put brake fluid in?"

So, what did I say?

"Yeah, right.  Like I'd fall for that again!  There's brake pads, not brake fluid.  I'm not an idiot."

They spent the next half an hour trying to convince me that they weren't lying.  I didn't believe them and drove home.  I asked my dad about my car and he checked and said that I need more brake fluid.  It was awesome.

While we're on the random car stories subject, I have one more:

My older sister, Suzanna, ditched me and went to college (lame).  We had been sharing a car (that my parents bought, so it stayed behind when she left), but Suzanna had been the one taking care of it.  I just bummed rides with her.  She had been gone for about ten months when I was driving the car one nice, Spring day and the radio just went out.  I was coming home from a friend's house and was a couple of blocks away from my house when the power steering went completely out.  I managed to muscle it into the driveway and called my ex-boyfriend (long story, but we were still friends).  He came over and looked at my car.  It took him all of two minutes under the hood to stand up, look at me in shock and say, "When's the last time you put oil in this??  It's BONE dry!"  

So, what did I say?

"You're supposed to put oil in it??"

(Insert him smacking his head)

Me: "How often?!"

(More head smacking)

Him: "How long has it been since the oil's been changed?"

"I don't know.  Suzanna took care of that, I guess.  I never even heard about it happening, though."

In all honesty, it had probably been AT LEAST a year since it had had an oil change.  Maybe longer.  As ex-boyfriend put a whole lotta oil in the car, he told me how lucky I was that the entire engine didn't die, blah, blah, blah.  I stopped listening because I was too busy watching his big 'ole arm muscles.  It was the same problem I had when he tried to teach me how to change a tire.  Shane tried to teach me when we were dating, but he was even more distracting than my ex.

To this day, I still can't change a tire. 

Maybe a girl needs to teach me.  ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ari's check-up

I took Ari in this morning for her one year well-check and she passed with flying colors!  :)  Her ear infection is GONE (yes, I know to finish out the antibiotics), so she is SO much happier.

Doc said, "The only thing big about her is her eyes."  hahaha


Weight: 19 lbs (25%)
Height: 28 3/4 inches (50%) 
Head: 50%

She's still perfectly proportioned.  :)

She LOVED her first Oreo, which confirms she really is my kid.  ;)
Here are the words that she knows:

Dada (she rubs this one in my face ALL. DAY. LONG.)
Mom (ONLY when she's sick and has a high fever)
And she can sign: please and all done
(Actually, this morning while waiting at the doctor's office was the first time she signed please.  It was awesome!)

And for your viewing pleasure:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One year old!

Happy first birthday Ari!!

A year ago, I was induced and our miracle baby was born five and a half hours later.  She was and is beautiful and all of the nurses (and my midwife) offered to take her home if I didn't want her. 
I'm glad we kept her.  ;)

This past Saturday, we had her birthday party!  We did a lunch (between Conference sessions) and then of course cake and ice cream.  Ari just kind of wandered around while everyone was eating and begged for food as she went (even though we'd JUST fed her before everyone got there).  After eating, it was present time!

Ari did well with pulling the tissue paper out of the way, but didn't want to give up her new presents as she went.  :)
"Come back here!!  You're not done yet!!"
 After presents, it was time for cake!

This was Ari's special just-for-her cake.  Everyone else got cupcakes.  :)

Happy birthday to you!

Ari dipped her fingers in the frosting, and then wouldn't touch the cake again.  I was like, "Oh no you don't!  EAT THE CAKE!"  ;)  I got a fork to show her just what she was missing out on.

She loved the cake, but wanted to use the fork after that.  hahaha  She's a mixture of Kaden and Lexi with food.
"This cake is so good!  I bet it would feel great between my toes!"
hahahahahaha  I've never seen a kid demolish their cake with their foot before.  I was laughing so hard.  :)

It was a really fun day!  
Thanks to my sister, Suzanna, for taking the pictures!
After Ari's first year check-up on Friday, I'll post her stats.  :)  She actually spiked a fever on Sunday and it wouldn't go away no matter what I did, so Monday afternoon I took her into the doctor.  She had a nasty ear infection-poor girl.  But she's doing a LOT better now.  Anyway, because of taking her in for that,  I know how much she weighs, but I'm not telling until I know the percentile.  :)

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