Sunday, July 15, 2012


Our friends invited us over to their house to watch them blow stuff up for fun.

Kanyon, Lexi, and Kaden

Wow... (sarcasm: the box said that these were much bigger than this)

The gang

Ari stood and cheered after every single firework.  :)

Cute Kallie

Lexi and Kallie doing her pirate smile.

Cutie patootie

Kaden and Kanyon

Jess, Graysen, and Jess's niece whose name I can't remember


A little bigger...

I have a very large fear of sparklers ever since I was burnt as a kid (probably around 6 or 7 years old) and refuse to touch them.  Since I do the shopping for our fireworks, my kids have never even seen sparklers.  This was their first time...

Kanyon showed them how it's done.

Kim helping Kanyon NOT set her hair on fire.

Lexi was, of course, raring to go.

Ari was eager, too, but Shane had to hold her other hand back because she kept trying to grab the flame.

Jess helping Graysen.

I was surprised that Kaden was really wanting to try the sparklers, too.  I didn't press him AT ALL, but he chose to all on his own.  He was a little nervous, but loved it by the end.
It was a really fun night and, BONUS, no one got burnt!
(I kept a very safe distance and used my zoom on the camera a lot.)

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Kelly said...

Haha, I love Ari's enthusiasm!

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