Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ice skating (a.k.a.: torture for parents)

Kaden has been begging for months to go ice skating, so I decided Saturday (the 7th) would be perfect for his first time since it was FREE!  I'm so, so, SO glad that I didn't pay for this, since it was my worst nightmare.

It started out well enough, besides the fact that the ice rink was low on skates, so Lexi was wearing skates three sizes two big and there were none for Ari.

Just happy to be out of the house.

By the time we got the kids all laced up, they kicked everyone off the ice and had the Zamboni come out.  Kaden and Lexi loved watching it pour "new ice" on.

Then, finally, finally, it was time to get on the ice!  I took lessons as a kid, so this was a big moment for me to see them ice skate.
They did awesome...
 They were both glued to the wall (understandably), but since Shane had to stay on the sidelines with Ari, I didn't have enough hands to help them both.  I took Kaden to sit with Shane and decided we'd take turns taking them on the ice.  Shane apparently misunderstood and took Kaden's skates off and returned them, so this above picture was all the ice time Kaden got.  :(  While Shane was with the other kids, I took Lexi back on the ice.  

Biggest mistake EVER.

She wouldn't listen to my coaching and literally just HUNG THERE with her feet as wide apart as humanly possible.  I had to try to skate while carrying 35 lbs AND her skates kept running into mine and tripping me up, so I had to try to NOT fall on top of her (I didn't!).  It was SO exhausting.  I was only able to do one lap and then was just done.  Shane wanted a turn on the ice before we left, so he took off while I watched the kids.


Ari did this THE. WHOLE. TIME.
It was during Ari's naptime, so she screamed the whole time (especially since she couldn't skate and she really wanted to).  All in all, it was the worst experience I've ever had on an outing with the kids.  I want to take Kaden back, just the two of us, so he can get some real skating time in.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

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Kelly said...

Maybe when they are a little older it will go better. It also helps a ton if you go somewhere with the skate aids.

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