Thursday, July 12, 2012

Independence Day!

We had a really, really fun 4th, so I'll just get it started with the pictures!

We started out at our ward's pancake breakfast.

This cute group of kids sang songs for us.

We left the breakfast a little early so that we could hopefully find a spot to watch the Kaysville parade.  It didn't work - that place was PACKED!  We finally found a kind of spot behind some other chairs and called it good.  Then we had some time to kill before the parade started.
Lexi stole my sunglasses.

Kaden was "hiding" and was convinced that I couldn't see him.  HAHAHA  He was just sitting behind that chair giggling so hard about how clever he is.

Ari was teasing daddy.

Shane was blowing on her forehead and she LOVED it.  She kept putting her head back on his mouth for more.


He picked out his own 4th of July shirt.  The red guitar sold him.

He's growing up way, way too fast for me.

Cute kids!

Shane taught Ari how to bowl on his smartphone.  She LOVES it!
 After a while, my sister, Suzanna, showed up with her two kids, and then Kelly and her family, and then Jessica and her family.  :)

Almost all the kiddos.

Killing some more time with the popper things.

Where's the candy?!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kelly for letting us steal your umbrella!!  It was a lifesaver!
 Seriously, people, it was so, so hot that day.

Kaden loved the "toy" trombones.  His grandma plays the trombone, so he knows that's not how "real" trombones look and now he's asking for a toy trombone for his birthday.  ;)  Ya hear that, Mom?

Lexi waving to the princesses (beauty pageant winners).

Sam made some comment and this is Jess's upset face.  She looks ferocious, doesn't she?  ;)

Cute little family!
 Instead of staying after the parade for the fair booths and stuff, we decided to go to RC Willey.  They had free pie and ice cream.  I'm really glad we didn't stay because my kids were all so sick from the heat they probably would have ended up in the hospital (no joke) if we'd been out in the sun for much longer.  Jess and Sam joined us at RC Willey and then everyone went home to nap!  After naps, it was time for fireworks!  We went with Kim and her family to the Layton ones.  My friend, Kelly, is a GENIUS and said that Macey's has a pack of 50 glow sticks for $3, so Kim and I both bought one.  They were PERFECT to keep the kids entertained!

Kevin, Kallie, and Kim

I just love how Ari is cheesing it in this one.  She always knows where the camera is and when it's on.

All the kids

 I told Shane to smile with his teeth after I saw that last pic, and this is what he did:
 I prefer the first picture, thankyouverymuch.

Kaden and Kanyon cuddling during fireworks.
Right in the middle of the fireworks show, Lexi started puking ALL OVER.  When that girl throws up (and it happens a lot), she gets everything out that she's eaten in the last month.  Luckily it was on the grass.  On the way home we had her hold an empty sippy cup, which was good because she threw up again.  Heat exhaustion AGAIN.  Ari was sick the next morning (unfortunately, she doesn't tell us ahead of time, so it's a lot harder to get it in the bucket every time).  :(  But they were both better by the evening and ready to eat their weight in anything and everything they laid their eyes on.  :)

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Kelly said...

Maybe next year we will skip the parade and try the rest of the activities. Last year it was overcast and perfect. I'm glad you found the glow sticks. So much better than buying one little necklace for half the price.

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