Sunday, July 22, 2012

New car!

I know I'm still a couple of weeks behind on blogging, but I'm going to skip ahead and tell you that, guess what, we got a new-to-us car yesterday!  We've been shopping around for a while and finally decided that if we're going to get rid of our trusty Honda, it better be for a bigger car that will hold all of us with extra room.
That's right - I'm officially a soccer minivan driving mom!

After going to several dealerships (since we wanted to trade in our Honda), we were finally able to buy one for the price that we wanted that wasn't 20 years old.  I'm pretty sure that the manager hated Shane by the end of our FOUR hours there....Shane's really, really good at negotiating.  Anyway, the kids were so excited to say goodbye to the Honda and try out the minivan.

Kaden and Lexi are in the back (with a seat between them, so we're hoping that will lessen the fighting on longer trips) and Ari is in the middle so that we can reach her easier.  So, yeah.  It's a 2005 Saturn Relay with 87k miles.  We got the carfax report that the previous owners were the first owners and they took such good care of it.  It was a little bit bittersweet for me - getting rid of the Honda.  We got it a week before Kaden was born in 2007 and it's the first car Shane and I ever bought together.  *sniff*  But I'm glad to have a car with so much more room now.

The best part?

Shane said, "I am NOT driving a minivan to work!"

Which means that within the next week we're going to buy a beater car for him to get to and from work in.  After seven very long years of being stuck at home all day every day, we're going to have TWO cars!!!

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Kelly said...

Hallelujah!!! I'm so excited for you to have two cars!!! It was definitely time. Woot Woot!!!

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